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CrimeStopper SP-600 - 2-Way OLED Remote Start/Security System

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CrimeStopper SP-600 - 2-Way OLED Remote Start/Security System

Quick Overview

The SecurityPlus SP-600 is a high-tech 2-Way combo security / remote start system that uses an OLED remote operating at a range of up to 4000ft. Sending and receiving commands is almost instant giving audible voice tones and full color 3D graphics for confirmation.


2-Way FM/FM OLED Combo Alarm, Keyless Entry and Remote Start System
2-Way FM/FM Paging Remote with Fully Animated OLED Graphics for Confirmation of Alarm Status, Violation and Engine Start
Includes Sidekick Non-Paging Remote
Dynamic Code Protection (Anti Code-Grabbing)
Code Learning Receiver
Electronic Dual-Stage Shock Protection (Plug-In Design)
Multi-Zone Trigger Protection
Defective Zone Bypass with Warning Chirps
Alarm Pre-Warning Signal
Manual Arming Mode:  Allows you to arm/disarm the system without carrying a remote control
On-Board Relay for Flashing Lights
Audible and Visual Arm/Disarm with Intrusion Alert 
Programmable Carjack Protection
Programmable Vehicle Horn Output
Remote Panic Protection
25W High-Power Mini Single Tone Siren
Passive Door Locks (Programmable)
Passive & Active Re-Arming Mode (Programmable)
LED Diagnostic for Last Zone Triggered
Remote Keyless Entry
Built-In Door Lock Relays
Dual Parking Light Relays (+) or (-)
Auto Lock/Unlock Through Vehicle's Ignition
Separate Driver's Door Unlock Priority
Double Unlock Pulse (Programmable Feature for Factory Interface)
1 or 3 Second Door Lock Pulse (Programmable)
Silent Arm/Disarm Through the Remote
(6) Programmable Remote Auxiliary Outputs: Momentary, Timed or Latched
(4) Vehicle Operation
Dome Light Illumination
Programmable Arm/Disarm Chirps
Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty
86 Programmable Options
Turbo Timer Mode: Allows Engine to Continue Running from 1-5 Minutes After Key Removal
"Ultra Smart" Tachless Mode
Programmable "Wake Up" Ignition Pulse on Unlock for Vehicles with "Slam Locks"
Timed Crank Mode (Pre-set Starter Cranking time in 4 Increments of 0.5~1.5 Seconds)
Glow Plug Input or Programmable Timed Delay for Diesel Engines
(5) On-Board Remote Start Relays for Easy Installation: ACC, IGN, IGN2, Start, and Parking Lights
Selectable Engine Speed Sensing: "Smart" Tachless or Tach (RPM) Learning
Remote Start Diagnostics
3rd Start Output
Tach Finder Mode
Timed Start Mode
Idle Down Mode
Programmable Engine Run Time:   3min, 10min, 15min or 20min
Factory OEM Alarm Arm/Disarm Outputs
Negative Ignition Output for Additional Relays or Anti-Theft Bypass Modules
Hood Open Safety Circuit: Unit will not Remote Start if Hood is Open or Ajar
Foot Brake or Parking Brake Option
2-Way FM/FM Pager with Fully Animated, Color 3D OLED Graphics and Voice Confirmation of Alarm Status, Violation, and Remote Engine Starting
Rechargeable Internal battery
Range Meter
Vehicle Battery Voltage Check Meter
Vehicle Temperature Check Meter
Parking Meter Timer
Alarm Clock
Daily Timed Start
Trigger Record (Check the Time and Date of the Last 4 Alarm Triggers or Violations)
Alarm Status Check
Real Time LCD Clock
English or Spanish Language Settings
Silent Arm/Disarm
Arm Without Shock Sensor
Car Finder Mode
Button Lock Protection: Buttons can be Locked to Prevent Accidental Pressing
Power Save Mode