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The absolute novelty in the world of high fidelity reproduction! Hertz sets highest quality standards of musical reproduction in cars. Hertz products can thrill enthusiasts all over the world with their unbelievable performance in terms of efficiency, power handling, and tonal accuracy. Your Car Audio will experience the most thrilling solutions, the most concrete answers, the new reference in technology and sound. Hertz fundamental feature is perfection without compromises.

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Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to sell this brand on our website. We do however carry these products. Please contact us with any questions or to place a telephone order. Within US and Canada: 1.800.647.6863 Monday-Friday 11am-7pm Eastern Time. International orders and inquiries: 1.718.531.1365 Monday-Friday 11am-7pm Eastern Time. Call us today or please contact: sales@speedsound.com