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Kicker ZX700.5 - 5 Channel Power Amplifier

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Kicker ZX700.5 - 5 Channel Power Amplifier

Quick Overview

The  ZX700.5 5-channel amp takes care of your car's entire system, delivering up to 85 watts RMS by four channels to your front and rear speakers, plus up to 420 watts RMS to your subwoofer(s). You get the power and features you need to give your music some real impact and presence, all housed in a single chassis.


Rated Power: 
70W x 4 @ 4 Ohm Stereo
85W x 4 @ 2 Ohm Stereo
165W x 2 @ 4 Ohm Bridged Mono
420W x 1 @ 2 Ohm Sub Channel
Kicker Amp’s actual power always exceeds its rated power, documented inside each carton
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20 kHz
Input Sensitivity: High Level 250mV-10V, Low Level 125mV-5V
Active Crossover: 12dB/octave, full-range channels variable 50Hz-200Hz, selectable high or all pass; 24dB/octave, sub channel variable 50Hz-200Hz, low pass only 24dB/octave, sub channel high-pass subsonic filter fixed at 25Hz
Balanced differential inputs for noise elimination and factory-radio compatibility
KICKEQ™ Boost: Variable to +18dB, centered @ 40Hz
ZXRC Remote Bass Control Ready (ZXRC Required)
Dimensions: 20" L X 9-5/8" W X 2-1/8 H