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Kicker KQ30 - 30 Bands Equalizer

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Kicker KQ30 - 30 Bands Equalizer

Quick Overview

Thirty bands of 12dB cut or boost at 1/3-octave spacing mean ultimate frequency control in stereo or mono. A scorching 9-volt output lets you pour on the signal to your amps.Adjustable input and output controls for each channel add more control, and fast-acting clip indicators keep things from getting too crazy.


Bass: 25Hz-80Hz
Midbass: 100Hz-320Hz
Lower Midrange: 400Hz-1.27kHz
Upper Midrange: 1.6kHz-5kHz
Treble: 6.4kHz-20kHz
Cut/Boost: ±12dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >95dB
Input Sensitivity: 500mV-9V
Output Level: 0V-9V
Stereo/Mono Operation
EQ Defeat/Bypass