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CrimeStopper SP-301 - 2-Way Mobile Security System

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CrimeStopper SP-301 - 2-Way Mobile Security System

Quick Overview

The SecurityPlus SP-301 alarm system is a high-tech 2-Way paging security system that will provide a high level of protection for your vehicle. This system includes a 2-Way Rechargeable LCD pager which will alert you of any kind of intrusion or vandalism at the vehicle. The system includes the latest in vehicle security technology such as a dual-stage shock sensor, starter kill output and a 25W high-power single-tone siren.


2-Way FM/FM Paging Alarm/Keyless Entry System
2-Way FM/FM Pager Remote with Enhanced Range
Enhanced White & Red LED Backlighting
Screen Turns Red When for Trigger Alerts
LCD Graphics and Real Time Page Back for Confirmation of Alarm Status
Built-In Clock
Dynamic Code Protection (Anti Code-Grabbing)
Code Learning Receiver
Electronic Dual-Stage Shock Protection (Plug-In Design)
Alarm Pre-Warning Signal
On-Board Relay for Flashing Lights
Audible and Visual Arm/Disarm with Intrusion Alert 
Programmable Carjack Protection
Programmable Vehicle Horn Output
Remote Panic Protection
Single Tone 125db Electronic Siren
Passive Door Locks (Programmable)
DPII Technology:  2-Way Data Port allows for Direct Plug-In Data Modules
Remote Keyless Entry
Silent Arm/Disarm Through the Remote
(2) Remote Auxiliary Outputs for Trunk Pop or Window Modules
Auto Lock/Unlock Through Vehicles Ignition
Double Unlock Pulse (Programmable Feature for Factory Interface)
1 or 3 Second Door Lock Pulse (Programmable)
(2) Vehicle Operation
Dome Light Illumination
Programmable Arm/Disarm Chirps
Uses Standard AAA Battery 
Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty
15 Programmable Options