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AudioControl The Epicenter Plus - Bass Restoration Processor

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AudioControl The Epicenter Plus - Bass Restoration Processor

Quick Overview

The Epicenter Plus is for audio enthusiasts who want to use their factory-installed source units so it is equipped with AudioControl’s high-impedance, speaker-level inputs. Additionally, an auxiliary input allows users of factory-installed radios and portable audio players (like iPods) to also appreciate the performance of its bass restoration circuitry.What all this means is more bass and better bass from your performance audio system.


Bass Restoration Circuitry

Speaker-Level Inputs for Integration with Factory Audio Systems

Auxiliary Input for iPod’s, MP3 players or Satellite radio tuners

GTO Signal Sensing Inputs for Automatic Turn-on

Bass Maximization Circuitry

12 volt trigger output

Dash mount control

PFM Subsonic Filter

Balanced Pre-amp inputs