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AudioControl LCQ-1 - Six Channel Line Output Converter

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AudioControl LCQ-1 - Six Channel Line Output Converter

Quick Overview

AudioControl's LCQ-1 is your gateway to amazing sound from a factory head unit. It is a compact, six-channel, high-performance, OEM line output converter with independent multichannel equalizers to custom tune the system. AudioControl’s patent pending AccuBASS compensation corrects for the factory bass roll-off present in many of today’s cars. In short; the LCQ-1 can make every car sound amazing.


Independent Front, Rear, and Subwoofer equalizers let you custom tune
your system
AccuBASS bass compensation, so you can correct for the factory bass
roll off, Patent Pending
GTO - signal-sensing inputs to turn the LCQ-1 on automatically
Channel summing lets you eliminate any factory-installed active
Active speaker-level inputs accept high power factory amplifier outputs
AutoMode Inputs turn 2 inputs into 3 outputs
Input for optional ACR-2 remote mounted bass level control
Compact (6”x 6”) chassis allowing for ease of installation